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The presence of Stat Wars Battlefront 2 actor in the Marvel game created by Uncharted

The presence of Stat Wars Battlefront 2 actor in the Marvel game created by Uncharted

Star Wars Battlefront 2 actress Jenina Gavankar has announced that she will star in Marvel Amy Henning, creator of the Anchartd game series and Skydance Studios.

Amy Henning , the creator of the popular Uncharted game series, has recently become very busy. He has also joined the Forespoken game writing team from Luminous Productions. On the other hand, Skydance New Media, Henning Studios is making a great game in collaboration with Marvel. As mentioned, Marvely Skyscraper New Media is a story-driven action-adventure that tells an original story in the world of Maurel.

Now, according to the latest news related to this Marvel game, Hollywood actress Jenina Gavankar has announced on Twitter that she is involved in this project. Gavankar, best known for his role as Eden Versio in the Star Wars Battlefront 2 storyline, also plays Tanta Sila, one of Forspoken's main antagonists. Now we have to wait and see what character he plays in this game. Not much information has been released about Marvel's new game yet.

Of course, Hannig himself says, "All those human emotions, personality complexities, and humor of Marvel heroes that have made these characters so popular with the people are in the story of this game." Henning also notes that "players can visualize themselves as their favorite heroes." This may mean that the characters play Marvulli Hennig characters are intuitive that people will identify with them. In addition, as the game is in the early stages of development, no platform or release date has been announced yet.

What do you users think of Amy Hannig's new game  ? Do you think the creator of one of the best action-adventure series in the world can deliver a quality Marvel game to players? Share your comments with us and other users.


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