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Rumor: Big problems in the process of making GTA 6 Rockstar

Rumor: Big problems in the process of making GTA 6 Rockstar

Chris Clipple, a video game insider who has published a lot of accurate news about the GTA game series to date, said in a new report that GTA 6 is in poor condition and is in production hell.

Recently, Chris Clipple from the French media Rockstar Mag, who has previously had several exclusive reports about various parts of the Grand Theft Auto game series , made some worrying rumors about GTA 6 . He claims that the story of this game has been rewritten several times from 2019 until today, and Dan Hozer's separation from Rockstar created many problems for Grand Theft Auto 6 . According to the clip, Tick-Too, according to initial plans, wanted to officially introduce GTA 6 in 2020. But this has not happened yet.

The source of the new report claims that with the departure of Dan Hozer from Rock Star, the company and GTA 6 game are facing many problems.

The clip, which some call a liberty, claims that GTA 6 is in production hell; A phrase that refers to the very poor state of the product manufacturing process. According to him, GTA 6 has been delayed many times before the introduction due to the behind-the-scenes turmoil between the creators: "My sources have confirmed that the process of making GTA 6 has become the most irregular project in Rockstar history . They can not give game information to gamers. "Because the project is currently in an unfavorable situation." Apparently, the first planning for making GTA 6 was done in 2014. But all sorts of changes have changed the game over and over again until recently.

The source, who refers to the messy state of GTA 6 with various attributes, believes that the map, characters and even the general settings of the world have changed several times. The game was rebooted in 2019. As a result, many reports about GTA 6 are no longer accurate. Because the game is constantly changing.

He finally explained that Dan Hozer's separation was not a small event for GTA 6. We see all these new rumors in the game news that some time ago it was said that GTA 6 might be released in 2025. If Clipper's words are true, that claim would no longer seem far-fetched.


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