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Fortnite Chinese version servers will be shut down forever

Fortnite Chinese version servers will be shut down forever

The Chinese version of Fortnite, developed by Tencent, will never be available to Chinese gamers again.

Epic Games has been testing a separate version of Fortnite, its popular Battle Royale game, for a relatively long time to be offered to Chinese gamers. Now, however, it has been announced on the official website of the Chinese version of Fortnite that the game's servers will be shut down forever on November 15 (November 24). It goes without saying that this version was made by the great Chinese company Tencent.

Known as Fortnite China, the game was specifically designed to appeal to Chinese audiences and to their tastes. Also, in order to make this Free-to-Play game comply with the strict rules of the Chinese government in the field of video games, the creators made changes to it compared to the original Fortnite game. In Chinese Fortnite, for example, the display of blood and skulls was banned, and unlike the original version, it did not contain any in-app purchases.

Daniel Ahmed , senior analyst at research firm Niko Partners, recently tweeted that this version of Fortnite has been in the experimental phase for more than two years to date. But it was never fully available to Chinese players. Because the Chinese government did not give the green light to the supply of Chinese Fortnite.

From a business perspective, continuing to invest in a project that has been under development for a long time and is not going to get anywhere does not really make sense. Daniel Ahmed says Epic Games and Tencent signed a multi-year contract when they decided to bring Fortnite to China. They spent a lot of money to make this game; From operating expenses to paying for licenses and other small and large items. When Chinese lawmakers do not allow Chinese Fortnite to be marketed, there is no longer any justification for the cost; Especially now that it is not clear how many years later Apple will prevent Fortnite from re-entering the Apple Store.

On several platforms, however, Fortnite continues to grow strongly, generating revenue for Epic Games. They also regularly play skins, various modes and various events in order to keep the player statistics and, of course, the revenue of this video game phenomenon high.


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