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Fantastic graphics of the Chinese game Honor of Kings: World in the official trailer

Fantastic graphics of the Chinese game Honor of Kings: World in the official trailer

Honor of Kings: World, which is supposed to be a world-opening map-making game, was able to attract a large number of gamers by showing its official trailer.

In recent months, game studios in South Korea and China have repeatedly attracted the sudden attention of gamers by showing their work. Because these video games produced in East Asia, many times, especially in terms of graphics, were able to look very brilliant even in the gameplay. Now apparently Honor of Kings: World has been added to their collection. Tencent-owned TiMi Studio Group is the creator of Honor of Kings: World and introduces it as an open-world RPG.

This game is actually a new episode in the Honor of Kings series and appears based on the trailer, which is inspired by the Monster Hunter game series. You and I may not know the Honor of Kings series. But you should know that its mobile game has more than 100 million active users in China every day. Daniel Ahmed said on Twitter that Honor of Kings: World is in the process of being developed as an AAA game and that Tencent will offer it as a multi-platform platform in a variety of countries.

Leo Sixin , a well-known science-fiction writer who has a collection of books on The Three-Body Problem and the story of The Poetry Cloud, is helping Tencent expand the world of the Honor of Kings game series. The Netflix online network is currently working on a costly TV adaptation of the Three Objects issue.


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